Introducing Shuttlewagon

Introducing Shuttlewagon

Thompson Lift Truck is pleased to announce their appointment as the exclusive authorized Shuttlewagon dealer serving Georgia, Alabama, and northwest Florida. 

Since 1972 Shuttlewagon has been a leader in the design and production of diesel- and electric-powered mobile railcar movers, helping industry improve workplace safety and operational performance.  No other mobile railcar mover manufacturer offers such an extensive and innovation-rich product line-up to meet highly technical and complex solutions. 

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New Equipment

Thompson Lift Truck will offer a full line of Shuttlewagon equipment for all your railcar needs. Shuttlewagon’s advanced system achieves better traction than a steel wheel. Unlike a weight transfer machine with complicated hydraulics, Shuttlewagon rides on rubber tires and is guided by steel wheels. As a result, Shuttlewagon reduces vibration, rides smoother while extending component life and increasing operator comfort. Couple into our industry standard locomotive style AAR coupler and connect the air hose. Within seconds, you are moving railcars with controlled precision, and without the loss of pulling capacity or weight when coupled directly to an empty railcar.

From The Navigator Series Shuttlewagon which stands alone as the highest capacity railcar mover in North America. It defines railcar switching operations for today’s needs. Powerful, versatile, and dependable. It incorporates the most advanced technologies available to ensure safety and reliability are never compromised. To the Commander Series Shuttlewagon shares many of the same features as the larger Navigator but comes in a smaller package. It is designed to complete up to 35,000 lbs of tractive effort from one coupler. Compact yet powerful, the Commander Series pulls as much weight as other manufacturers’ largest models.

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