Used Electric Forklifts

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Used Electric Forklifts

Material handling businesses in the Southeast require the help of electric forklifts to keep outputs on schedule. These forklifts are environmentally friendly, as electric forklifts operate via rechargeable batteries for efficiency and cost-savings. Luckily, Thompson Lift Truck supplies used electric forklifts for sale and rent to boost productivity across your warehouse or industrial facility.

We specialize in offering electric forklifts from the biggest names in the industry. Adding used electric forklifts to your operation ensures your equipment is ready and reliable when you need it the most.

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Used Electric Forklifts

Benefits of Used Electric Forklifts

Aside from having a greener approach than combustion engines, used electric forklifts from our top manufacturers also feature improvements in the areas of price point, ease-of-use and maintenance practices. Used electric forklifts from Thompson Lift Truck offer the following benefits to warehouses and industrial facilities:

  • No fuel storage: A huge benefit to electric forklifts is not having to refuel. Machinery easily attaches to charging stations for regular or occasional use.
  • No emissions: Run as many electric forklifts as you like. Workers are not in danger of carbon dioxide emissions when operating forklifts in small areas.
  • Lower maintenance costs: Electric forklifts from Thompson Lift Truck feature fewer moving parts compared to models that need fuel. With no engine combustion, there is no need for changing oil filters, radiator fluid, transmission parts and more.
  • Low noise: Electric forklifts operate much more quietly than diesel, gas and propane models. This keeps your warehouse facility safer, since warning horns, back-up sounds and vocal commands can be heard more easily.
  • Visibility: Forklift models that run off a battery are more compact in size. Workers can see outside the vehicle with fewer blind spots. Some designs even allow for a smaller turning radius.

While electric forklifts are an excellent option for business owners looking to improve their material handling processes, electric forklifts do still require proper care for long-term results. We recommend purchasing additional batteries for these forklifts to reduce any downtime between charges.

If you are unable to decide on a forklift design, Thompson Lift Truck professionals will steer you in the right direction.

Used Electric Forklifts for Sale in the Southeast

Why purchase used electric forklifts from Thompson Lift Truck? Electric forklifts provide a way to complete lifting objectives in a budget-friendly manner. These popular pieces of equipment run for hours at a time without the need to spend money on fuel.

Your team can achieve lifting capabilities of over 10,000 pounds with a used electric forklift from Thompson Lift Truck. Our compact machinery stands strong alongside forklift models running on diesel, gas and propane. At the end of the workday, simply plug in your electric forklifts for recharging.

Used Electric Forklifts
Used Electric Forklifts

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Thompson Lift Truck stocks trusted brand names across our forklift inventory. We understand that not all businesses require the same equipment for success, so our sales team works to connect you to our wide range of options to suit your facility. Our used electric forklifts are worthwhile investments that help enhance material handling outputs and productivity.

For more information about our selection of used electric forklifts, be sure to contact Thompson Lift Truck today.

Used Electric Forklifts
Used Electric Forklifts Used Electric Forklifts
Used Electric Forklifts

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