Warehouse Solutions

Warehouse Solutions

Warehouse Solutions

Do you operate a warehouse in Alabama or Georgia? Running a leaner, more efficient facility is imperative when meeting increasingly demanding customer expectations and maintaining a competitive advantage. Implementing advanced warehouse logistics solutions can have a meaningful impact on performance and boost your company’s bottom line.

Thompson Lift Truck can help with your warehouse needs! Our team of specialized representatives can develop a solution that fits your unique needs and applications to help increase productivity and stay ahead of the competition. We partner with leading brands such as Crown Lift Trucks and Hyundai to keep your business one step ahead.

Warehouse Solutions
Warehouse Solutions

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    About Our Warehouse Solutions in Alabama and Georgia

    Thompson Lift Truck can deliver customized warehouse solutions based on your company’s unique operational and budgeting requirements.

    Warehouse Automation

    Warehouse automation entails the process of moving goods and materials within and out of the facility with minimal human intervention. The benefits of implementing these processes include increased throughput and productivity, reduced labor and operational costs, fewer errors, and better customer service. You’ll also create a safer environment for your workforce. 

    Our automated warehouse solutions include the use of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to assist with picking orders, transporting loads to the shipping zone, and other essential material handling tasks. In many cases, robots and humans can work together to optimize results. We can also help you utilize advanced software and other cutting-edge information technologies.


    If yours is like many warehouses these days, you’re trying to find ways to optimize every inch of available floor space. Thompson Lift Truck can help by providing a custom warehouse racking solution based on your business’s unique storage and material handling requirements. You’ll be able to organize goods more efficiently and maximize your order picking and shipping processes. 

    We can assist you in choosing the system that delivers the best results in your warehouse environment. Examples include roll-formed cantilever, drive-in/drive-through, pallet flow, double-deep, and selective setups.

    Dock and Door

    We can provide everything you need to keep your loading dock operating efficiently and safely. Our team will help you source essential dock equipment like bumpers, levelers, seals, lifts, and shelters. If you need to upgrade your dock doors, our range of solutions includes sectional, rolling steel, fire, impact, and high-speed options. 

    Why Partner With Us for Warehouse Solutions?

    Thompson Lift Truck is the material handling equipment division of Thompson Tractor Company, a leading heavy equipment solutions provider since 1957. As a Birmingham-based business with regional locations, we understand the local market and the unique challenges warehousing operations like yours experience every day. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your warehouse automation solutions and other systems meet your current and ongoing needs.

    Discover what makes Thompson Lift Truck your best source for material handling equipment and services in Alabama, Georgia, and throughout the Southeast. Contact our team today for more information.