New Shuttlewagon Equipment for Sale

At Thompson Lift Truck, we supply a comprehensive range of Shuttlewagon equipment. Shuttlewagon’s advanced system achieves better traction than a steel wheel. This unique design reduces vibration and provides a smoother ride, enhancing component longevity and operator comfort. Coupled into our industry-standard locomotive-style AAR coupler and connect the air hose. Within seconds, you are moving railcars with controlled precision.

Our lineup includes the Navigator Series, North America’s highest-capacity railcar mover. It incorporates the most advanced technologies available to ensure safety and reliability are never compromised. The Commander Series Shuttlewagon shares many of the same features as the larger Navigator but comes in a smaller package. It completes up to 35,000 lbs of tractive effort from one coupler. 

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Shuttlewagon railcar movers distinguish themselves with their innovative design. They uniquely combine rubber tiers for propulsion with steel wheels for guidance, enhancing traction and smoother operation. The design also facilitates a more straightforward and precise coupling system. With advanced technological features, Shuttlewagon models adapt to various industrial applications:

  • Rail yards: Efficiently moving and arranging railcars for loading, unloading, and assembling trains.
  • Manufacturing plants: Transporting raw materials and finished goods directly between production facilities and rail lines.
  • Ports and terminals: Handling cargo containers and bulk materials in portside rail operations.

Operating Shuttlewagon railcar movers centers on efficiency. They have intuitive control systems, making them easy to maneuver in tight rail yards, especially when loading and unloading. Plus, their robust build minimizes maintenance needs, while the flexible coupling technology allows for quick configuring and fixing of all railcar parts.

Parts and Service for Shuttlewagon Equipment

Whether you’re looking for parts or service for your Shuttlewagon Railcar, Thompson Lift Truck has you covered. Our technicians are trained to handle all of your mobile industrial equipment. We not only service and repair Shuttlewagon we can also service other brands like Nordco Liftmaster, TrackMobile™, Rail King®, Royal Lift Truck, and other industrial heavy equipment. 

We also offer preventative maintenance and railcar inspections to make sure your railcar is always up and running: 

Preventative maintenance: Regular maintenance and a 50-point inspection at each service extend machine uptime and life span.

Inspection: Our technicians can provide detailed equipment inspections and full evaluations.

Trust Thompson Lift Truck for Shuttlewagon Expertise

Our commitment to excellence and an extensive range of Shuttlewagon equipment ensures solutions match your specific requirements. With our expert support and unparalleled service, we ensure your investment in Shuttlewagon enhances operational efficiency and safety, solidifying long-term success. Contact us today for more information on forklifts for sale.

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