Kalmar Forklifts for Sale

Kalmar Forklifts

Since 1973, Kalmar Global has served the world by offering forklifts, tractors, and other heavy equipment that exceeds all expectations in performance and reliability. Thompson Lift Truck is proud to have partnered with this international brand to deliver powerful tools to our customers. As your Kalmar forklift dealer, we strive to provide you with high-quality equipment at a moment’s notice and a range of construction solutions through our parent company, Thompson Tractor.

Benefits of Kalmar Forklifts

Even as a global leader in heavy-duty machinery, Kalmar works every day to improve their standing and enhance their equipment to the benefit of construction and manufacturing teams everywhere. Thompson Lift Truck partnered with Kalmar in part due to this commitment, as we maintain similar values. Together, we bring to you:

  • Innovative solutions: Innovation is one of Kalmar’s leading values, and it drives everything the company manufactures and produces. When you buy Kalmar equipment, you’re getting a forklift that can hold its own and rise above the competition. From better site efficiency to improved facility sustainability, every aspect of this brand’s machinery sets it apart as a global forerunner in the industry.
  • Sustainable operations: The inclusion of a fully electric forklift line speaks to Kalmar’s commitment to sustainability. Electric forklift trucks from Kalmar offer the same superior power levels you’d expect from a best-in-class machine without the added strain on the environment, reducing any site’s ecological footprint.
  • Local support: When you shop Kalmar forklifts through Thompson Lift Truck, you also get the added benefit of convenient local support. Our technicians have worked with Kalmar forklifts for years and know how to handle every part and malfunction possible. After we deliver your forklift, you also have the benefit of our parts replacement services, maintenance, and repairs. We maintain a large fleet of repair trucks throughout our service area to respond to calls quickly and minimize potential downtime.

Kalmar Forklift Offerings

Kalmar manufactures an extensive selection of diesel and electric forklift trucks ranging from 11,000 pounds up to nearly 160,000 pounds. Over the years, they’ve developed a catalog full of equipment for any construction or material handling job. Whether you need a forklift to perform in your factory and navigate around busy staff and tight corners or you require something rugged and capable of handling uneven terrains, Kalmar has a suitable forklift.

At Thompson Lift Truck, we keep many Kalmar models available around the clock. Choose from new or used models that have been closely evaluated by our technicians or find a rental for short-term projects that demand powerful support.

Thompson Lift Truck — Your Kalmar Forklift Dealer

Whatever you need or expect from your forklift, you can count on Kalmar to deliver. Thompson Lift Truck offers a local team of Kalmar experts ready to help you find the forklift you need and support you for as long as you’re operational. Contact us today and get a quote on your new equipment or learn more about the leading brands we have in our selection.