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Used Forklifts for Sale in the Southeast

Forklifts are essential to the day-in, day-out operation of warehouses and other industrial sites. Because heavy forklifts do so much lifting on a daily basis, it’s essential that warehouse managers, freight forwarders and order pickers choose high-quality used forklift models.


Used Machines

Used Machines

Used Machines

Find Forklifts for Every Application

Whether you work in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution centers, or another industry that requires forklifts, Thompson Lift Truck has what you need to get the job done right.

At Thompson Lift Truck, we remain dedicated to providing you with the best-quality used forklifts for sale. We know the importance of supplementing your fleet with reliable equipment while staying within your budget, and we want to help you get the most out of your investment. We stock our inventory with forklifts from the most respected brands in the industry, including listings in these categories:

Internal Combustion Forklifts

A favorite among warehouse managers, internal combustion (IC) forklifts can carry heavy loads and work for long periods with minimal downtime. With this proven design, you get a reliable material handling solution with straightforward maintenance needs. We sell used IC forklifts with different tire and fuel types to accommodate a range of working environments.

Internal combustion forklifts are highly fuel efficient, and they don’t need to stop and recharge. Built to last and carry heavy burdens at high-volume operations, these forklifts make an excellent addition to your logistics business.

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts are the way to go when looking for an environmentally friendly choice. These forklifts draw their power from rechargeable batteries, which means your employees will benefit from a workspace free from engine noise or fumes. Because electric models don’t consume diesel or natural gas, you won’t have to account for fuel expenses in your budget.

Electric forklifts are simple to operate and maintain, making them great for newer users. These models are ideal for indoor warehouses and similar operations where a quiet, minimal-emissions material handling solution is the standard.

Other Equipment

Material handlers will ensure your company’s products or components get where they need to go. Our used offerings come in different sizes and configurations so you can find the right model to reduce your manual labor requirements while maintaining productivity. Our used machinery inventory is constantly changing, so browse online to see our latest used lift trucks and other solutions.

Quality Forklifts at Cost-Effective Prices

Thompson Lift Truck has a large variety of used Diesel, Electric, LP Gas, and other specialty forklift makes and models to choose from. All of our forklifts are serviced and inspected by our certified technicians, so you can trust all of our used forklifts have the toughness and durability to withstand the most demanding material handling operations.

Quality matters when it comes to buying used equipment. At Thompson Lift Truck, we sell pre-owned products that have undergone inspection, appraisal, cleaning, and extensive performance testing to ensure they’re ready to serve.

We’ve built our reputation on selling equipment that performs and lasts. Many of our listings come with the option of adding standard equipment warranty plans to protect your purchase against unexpected breakdowns or repairs. Plus, we’ll help you with everything from sourcing the right make and model to coordinating after-purchase assistance if you need maintenance, parts, or service.


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The forklifts you use every day in your warehouse or plant needs to demonstrate the toughness and durability to become a long-term part of your operation. But you also need great values, and forklift financing that makes sense for your budget. You can find used forklifts at great values at Thompson Lift Truck, which is one reason why we are the ideal place to search for used equipment for sale in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, and South Carolina. Contact us today about used forklift pricing and options, or visit one of our 20+ locations throughout the area.
Used Machines

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    Used Machines

    Choose Thompson Lift Truck for Used Forklifts

    Since 1968, we have served warehouse and other industrial professionals throughout Alabama and Florida with high-quality products and service they count on throughout their equipment’s life cycle. At Thompson Lift Truck, we thrive on building long-term relationships, and we provide exceptional forklift service that helps turn first-time customers into trusted partners.

    For more information on our used forklifts, you can fill out the form below or go by one of our over 20 locations.

    Used Machines
    Used Machines Used Machines
    Used Machines

    Contact us today for more information on used forklifts for sale in the Southeast.