Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Fleet Management Solution

Material handling operations depend on forklifts to load, unload, and transport goods so they can fill orders on time. Sound fleet management practices are essential for keeping this vital equipment in peak operating condition and maximizing its life span. 

If you rely on forklifts to do business in Alabama, Georgia, or other parts of the Southeast, Thompson Lift Truck, a division of Thompson Tractor Company, can provide high-quality, reliable forklift fleet management solutions. 

Thompson Lift Truck partners with Crown Lift Trucks and Hyundai to offer the leading technology in fleet management solutions.  Providing new insight into the performance and utilization of connected equipment, people, and processes. Use it to benchmark your operation and achieve measurable improvements in productivity, safety, uptime and more.

Learn more about HIMATE from Hyundai

Learn more about Infolink from Crown Lift Trucks

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Fleet Management
Fleet Management

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    Fleet Management Benefits

    Our array of Crown Lift Trucks and Hyundai forklift fleet management systems can modernize your equipment while offering various business benefits.

    Efficient Utilization of Connected Equipment, People, and Processes

    A successful material handling operation requires precise coordination between multiple personnel and physical assets. A high-performing fleet management system facilitates this process by ensuring you’re utilizing these resources efficiently and allowing you to identify deficiencies in any of these areas. 

    For example, you’ll get access to actionable information regarding poor operator practices that could indicate the need for additional training. You can also uncover opportunities for process improvements that boost productivity and optimize equipment functionality. With this data at your disposal, you can make changes that significantly improve your fleet’s performance.

    Benchmark Your Operation

    An efficient material handling operation meets or exceeds predetermined productivity, performance, and cost standards. A technology-based fleet management system helps you reach this level by providing critical insight into the areas directly impacting your equipment’s function and health.

    The right technology can offer numerous valuable capabilities. Get detailed information regarding your forklifts’ daily operating history to ensure they’re meeting your expectations. Receive regular reports that enable you to monitor fuel consumption and manage these often prohibitive costs more efficiently. Utilize the GPS tracking capabilities to ensure every piece of equipment in your fleet is in the appropriate location at the proper time. 

    Achieve Measurable Improvements in Crucial Areas

    Material handling operations that fail to make continuous improvement a top priority will quickly fall behind the competition. The attributes of a modern fleet management system allow you to implement various worker and process improvement initiatives and measure their results. 

    The data generated by this advanced technology can help you improve preventive maintenance practices. As a result, you’ll experience increased equipment uptime and enhanced productivity. You can also instill a safety mindset that leads to fewer workplace accidents and injuries. 

    Why Choose Thompson Lift Truck?

    At Thompson Lift Truck, we focus on developing and offering advanced solutions that enable our customers to meet their growth objectives and adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of the material handling industry. We work closely with each customer to find the right product or service that solves a problem or improves project results. Our ability to customize sets us apart from our competitors.

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