Railcar Movers

Shuttlewagon SWX525-4

Shuttlewagon Railcar Movers in the Southeast

Do you need a rugged, reliable solution for transporting railcars around a railyard or siding in the Southeast? Thompson Lift Truck, a division of Thompson Tractor, can supply your business with new railcar movers from Shuttlewagon. We’re the region’s exclusive Shuttlewagon dealer!

Shuttlewagon has led the industry in designing and producing new and rebuilt mobile railcar movers since 1972, helping the sector move safely, efficiently, and punctually. No other producer of mobile railcar movers offers this extensive selection of diesel and electric railcar movers. 

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Railcar Movers
Railcar Movers

Our Shuttlewagon Railcar Mover Selection

Examples of the various models from Shuttlewagon for sale at Thompson Lift Truck include:

  • SWX315: This “entry-level member of the Shuttlewagon Commander Series delivers 27,000 pounds of tractive effort from one coupler. The robust 6-cylinder Tier 4 Final engine generates substantial moving power, while the 180-degree rotating contacting console provides excellent maneuverability.
  • SWX525: The largest of all the railcar movers in the commander series, the SWX525 can produce 35,000 pounds of tractive effort from one coupler. The full-width cab offers 360 degrees of visibility for enhanced performance and safety. Other prominent features include a zero-maintenance air compressor, 90-gallon fuel capacity, and direct, non-weight transfer couplers.
  • NVX5025: The NVX5025 is part of the Shuttlewagon Navigator Series that can move up to 40 fully loaded railcars. You’ll get the ideal combination of power, versatility, and dependability. This model delivers up to 38,000 pounds of tractive effort from one coupler. The push-button electronic shifting makes the mover easy to operate. 

Experience All the Benefits of Shuttlewagon Railcar Movers

Railcar movers give you a more cost-effective solution than purchasing a switcher locomotive. They’re also less expensive and more convenient than hiring a railroad operator to transport your railcars. Because they have wheels, these movers don’t require tracks, making them faster and more versatile than when moving cars manually.

When you choose Shuttlewagon railcar movers, you also get:

  • Direct, locomotive-like coupling that makes the process easier.
  • Consistent results when moving loaded or empty railcars.
  • Simplified lifting of cars on and off the tracks to save time and eliminate hassles.
  • Lower maintenance and ownership costs resulting from superior design and construction.
  • Pinpoint accuracy that eliminates concerns about raising railcars too high.

Experience the Thompson Lift Truck Advantage

Thompson Lift Truck is excited to be the exclusive authorized dealer serving the Southeast. Besides offering Shuttlewagon products for sale, we can provide an extensive selection of replacement parts to keep your machines productive on the job. Preventive maintenance and repair services are also available to minimize unproductive downtime.

Railcar Movers
Shuttlewagon SW-NVX8040

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Railcar Movers
Railcar Movers Railcar Movers
Railcar Movers

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