Let Thompson Lift Truck be your ONE solution for forklift rentals.

We understand that you might not need a full fleet year-round. You need a forklift to meet seasonal or short - term needs. Thompson Lift Truck handles it all when it comes to renting a forklift. With the largest rental fleet in Georgia, Thompson Lift Truck has what it takes to keep your business moving.

Rental Equipment

We take pride in offering one of the largest, most up-to-date rental fleets of lift trucks including cushion tire, pneumatic tire, heavy lift, electric and pick loader lift trucks across Georgia. We also have a wide offering of pallet jacks, stock pickers, rough terrain lift trucks and truck mounted lift trucks.

Rental Options

We have a variety of rental options, tailored to meet your specific needs. Daily, weekly, or even month-by-month plans offer you flexibility. Need it longer? No problem! If you're interested in leasing, rent-to-own or, ultimately, to purchase a machine, we can put together a plan that works best for your business and your bottom line.

To learn more about our rental fleet or schedule your rental you can fill out the form below or call (800) 799-5438