Other Forklift Types

Other Forklift Types

New Material Handlers for Your Georgia Business 

Searching for a forklift or new material handler in Georgia? Thompson Lift Truck provides heavy-duty solutions so you can tackle big jobs with confidence. We offer the most trusted brand names in the industry, including very narrow aisle Steinbock turret trucks, Shuttlewagon mobile railcars, and new multidirectional Combilift forklifts.

Upgrade your business's efficiency with a quality-built new Combilift forklift, Shuttlewagon mobile railcar, or Steinbock material handler your Georgia-based team can trust. Explore our variety of material handlers and learn more about the features you can select to match your operational needs.

Steinbock Very Narrow Aisle Turret Truck

Steinbock built this line of turret trucks for precision maneuvering in narrow spaces. The compact design doesn't sacrifice functionality since these trucks can handle order picking and caseloads with ease. Thompson Lift Truck showcases several models with efficient functionality:

  • Lift: Our selection can lift from 29.5 feet to over 55 feet.
  • Capacity: These turret trucks have capacities ranging from 2,425 to 4,400 pounds.

This truck is a specialized alternative to conventional counter-balance forklifts or reach trucks since it allows the operator to sit up close to the pallet for maximum visibility. These machines also achieve the fastest load handling per hour speeds in high-volume situations.

Combilift Multidirectional Forklift 

The Combilift Multidirectional C-Series forklift showcases outstanding versatility for any workspace. These machines have a three-in-one design with the features of sideloader, counter-balance, and narrow aisle forklifts.

Thompson Lift Truck provides you with a large variety of models to fit the functionalities of the forklift to your work. Several of these key capabilities include:

  • Capacity: These forklifts make quick work of hauling loads from 5,500 to 55,000 pounds.
  • Maneuverability: The C-Series forklifts allow for easy driving in tight spaces with the ability to move in four directions.
  • Lift: One of these machines can lift loads to 40 feet. 
  • Fuel: Three fuel types are available in the C-Series, including LPG, diesel, or electric.

Combilift forklifts can transform a workspace with their unique abilities. Whether you're working in manufacturing or warehousing, the Combilift can navigate small spaces while offering exceptional long load stability to limit product damage.

Shuttlewagons Available for Purchase

The name Shuttlewagon has stood for premium design and production in the mobile railcar industry for over 45 years. Thompson Lift Truck has a wide selection of Shuttlewagons, including both new and rebuilt mobile railcars powered by diesel or electricity. 

Thompson Lift truck is proud to serve as the exclusive authorized Shuttlewagon dealer for the state of Georgia.

New Material Handlers for Sale in Georgia 

As a top forklift dealer serving clients throughout Georgia, Thompson Lift Truck can help you choose the perfect material handler for your operations. If you're looking for a new Steinbock, Shuttlewagon, or Combilift forklift for sale from a local Georgia supplier, we have you covered. 

Not sure which lift truck fits your job? Contact us now so a knowledgeable representative can match you with the perfect machine for your specific needs. We can also provide a no-obligation quote if you're ready to make a purchase.