Operator Training vs. Train the Trainer

What’s The Difference Between Operator Training vs. Train the Trainer?

Tens of thousands of forklift accidents occur each year, resulting in nearly 100,000 workers’ compensation disability claims for accidents involving industrial forklifts. Operator error plays a large role in the majority of forklift accidents. An effective forklift safety training program can significantly reduce the number of accidents. 

Operator Training vs. Train the Trainer:

Operator Training and Train the Trainer training both are an in depth forklift training course that prepares your employees for the workforce. Operator training will certify your employees as operators. This will give them the needed requirements to safely handle your products. This certification is good for three years from the date of the training. Train the Trainer will give your company the ability to train existing and new hire employees.

This certification is good for five years from the date of the training, as long as all of the required topics are met. Each training class will have a portion of classroom time and hands on training following with a written test. The hands on training will consist of a walk around inspection covering all daily inspections as well as a driving course. Thompson Lift Truck Company has PSSR reps ready to come to you or bring you to a Thompson Lift Truck facility for either training.

We can customize a plan for your company’s specific needs, with factory-trained instructors for virtually any make and model of forklift. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a training session. 

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