New Material Handlers in Alabama and Northwestern Florida

When you search for a forklift or a new material handler in Alabama or Florida, you know that you need serious quality for the safety and stability of your loads. Traditional forklifts offer convenient solutions for small jobs, but when you have a big load to haul in the South, it's time for a heavy-duty solution.

Thompson Lift Truck sells the sturdiest, safest, and most reliable Kalmar and Combilift machine handling trucks to businesses throughout Alabama and Northwestern Florida.

Thompson Lift Truck also sells Big Joe's J1 Joey task support vehicle as a specialized solution for warehouse tasks in tight spaces. Combining the functionality of order pickers, elevated work platforms, and tuggers, the Joey is a compact, capable alternative to typical rolling ladders.

We offer a wide selection of material handlers for sale in Alabama, including new Combilift and Kalmar forklift trucks and forklifts with unique qualities, capabilities, and footprints for each job — and we have them all at competitive prices. Learn more about how different forklifts use various features to find the perfect machine for your next job.

Combilift Multidirectional Forklift

Combilift built the C-Series multidirectional forklift to handle any task. This forklift combines three functions in one machine, serving as a sideloader, counterbalance, and narrow aisle forklift. Thompson Lift Truck has a wide selection of models with specialized features for any operation. The key features of the C-Series forklifts include:

  • Maneuverability: The forklifts can move in four directions, allowing for easy driving in confined spaces.
  • Capacity: These forklifts can tackle any load from 5,500 pounds to 55,000 pounds.
  • Fuel: The C-Series offers models with three fuel types, including diesel, electric, or LPG.
  • Lift: Combilift C-Series material handlers can lift loads up to 40 feet.

Our new Combilift forklifts in Alabama provide outstanding innovations for efficiency in workspaces. One ideal work environment is the warehouse, since the forklift can haul long loads down aisles that accommodate its own width. This feature allows for an overall slimmer warehouse layout.

Wherever you choose to get the job done, you can save time, minimize expenses, and improve warehouse safety with high-quality Combilift C-Series equipment.

Kalmar Electric Forklift Trucks

The Kalmar electric forklift truck is the latest evolution in diesel alternatives. This powerhouse brings high performance without loud noise, strong emissions, or intense vibration. Thompson Lift Truck offers a variety of Kalmar models with outstanding features:

  • Capacity: Kalmar forklifts have models that can haul 11,000 to 117,000 pounds.
  • Lift: These forklift trucks can handle lift heights of up to 48 inches off the ground.
  • Load: Kalmar forklifts suit a range of load sizes from 24 to 48 inches in width.

Kalmar builds heavy-duty trucks that meet your objectives. Tackle any project in comfort with an ergonomic interior design, cabin climate control, and full visibility. Kalmar also offers state-of-the-art computer diagnostic systems built-in for rapid troubleshooting.

Consider Kalmar for your next electric forklift truck to experience comfortable riding, simple maintenance, and low costs.

Shuttlewagons for Sale

Shuttlewagon has been a leader in the design and production of new and rebuilt mobile railcar movers since 1972, helping industry move safely, efficiently, and on time. No other manufacturer of mobile railcar movers offers such an extensive line-up of diesel and electric railcar movers. 

Thompson Lift Truck is excited to be the exclusive authorized dealer serving Alabama and Northwest Florida. 

Material Handler Trucks for Sale in Alabama and Northwestern Florida

As one of the nation's leading forklift dealers, Thompson Lift Truck has a unique selection that can meet your company's goals. Whether you reside in Alabama or Florida, you can browse our selection of new material handlers for sale to find what you need.

Not sure what to select or want to learn more? Reach out to us today so one of our support specialists can connect you with the ideal machine.