Kalmar & Combilifts for Sale

Warehouses and similar operations sometimes need forklifts designed for safety and stability even while carrying heavy loads. Most traditional forklifts are adept at transporting small and moderate loads, but it’s larger loads that require a unique solution. Kalmar and Combilift forklifts are known to deliver safety and stability through equipment that can also handle larger loads.

At Thompson Lift Truck, we offer a huge selection of Kalmar and Combilift forklifts for sale that can help you and your team handle high-capacity loads with ease. Make sure you’re getting the right equipment at the right price by shopping our selection.  Learn more about our other forklift options here. 

Shuttlewagons for Sale

Shuttlewagon has been a leader in the design and production of new and rebuilt mobile railcar movers since 1972, helping industry move safely, efficiently, and on time.  No other manufacturer of mobile railcar movers offers such an extensive line-up of diesel and electric railcar movers. 

Thompson Lift Truck is excited to be the exclusive authorized dealer serving Georgia, Alabama and Northwest Florida.