Forklift Service in Georgia

Forklifts lift and transport materials all day around the warehouse, construction site, or any job site that has heavy loads. Since they are crucial to efficiency, it's important to make sure that your forklift fleet is running smoothly at all times, avoiding costly breakdowns and downtime. Regular maintenance on your forklift fleet saves money over the long term and reduces the likelihood of emergency repair needs.

At Thompson Lift Truck, we make it our business to ensure that you get the maximum value from your equipment. Due to our commitment to excellent customer service, we will strive to exceed all of your expectations. We offer several services, including repair contracts, total maintenance, and planned maintenance.

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Our Forklift Service

Material handling equipment tends to malfunction at the worst times. When you need professional service right away, contact the experts at Thompson Lift Truck. Our forklift service center in Georgia is equipped to take care of every maintenance need quickly and professionally. If you need our technicians at your job site, we can help there too. Our fleet of service trucks operating throughout our territory in Georgia makes sure that Thompson Lift Truck can respond to your service needs right away.

Besides our quality service, we offer additional value through our staff of well-trained expert technicians. Our technicians have been factory trained and have the skills necessary to provide support and service for all our products.

We offer planned maintenance, repair contracts, and total maintenance services to identify and fix potential problems and repair existing issues. Talk with our experts to decide which program is best for your needs.

Benefits of Choosing Thompson Lift Truck for Forklift Maintenance

With Thompson Lift Truck as your forklift service provider, you get everything you need in one place. The advantages of choosing us for your forklift maintenance include:

  • Fast service: If your forklift experiences a breakdown, you want to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. When you contact us, our technicians will be available right away. We take care of every repair service as soon as we can, getting your forklift back in action and your facility back to maximum efficiency.
  • Deep expertise: Thompson Lift Truck has provided quality forklift maintenance in Georgia since 1968. We have decades of experience meeting the needs of warehouse managers, order pickers, and freight forwarders, creating a valuable solution for and fostering a relationship with each customer.
  • Accurate solutions: We understand that forklift diagnostics need to be accurate so repairs can be completed and you can return to work.
  • Keep operations running: Downtime is wasteful and expensive. The longer forklift issues persist, the costlier it becomes. With routine maintenance from our forklift service center in Georgia, your forklift will always be in top condition. Our maintenance services will give you confidence in the integrity of your material handling equipment.

Choose Thompson Lift Truck for Your Forklift Maintenance in Georgia

Your forklifts provide essential work in your facility, and the technician team at Thompson Lift Truck will ensure that they continue to do so. Our services are performed with quality and care because we understand how important forklifts are to our customers. For your convenience, we work as quickly as possible to get your equipment back to you right away.

To learn more about our forklift service in Georgia, contact us on our website.