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25bc-9.jpgProtect Your People. Save Money with Better Trained Employees
Your employees are valuable. Tens of thousands of forklift accidents occur each year, resulting in nearly 100,000 workers compensation disability claims for accidents involving industrial forklifts. Operator error plays a large role in the majority of forklift accidents. An effective forklift safety training program can significantly reduce the number of accidents.

Big-Joe.jpgOSHA Requirements
The Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). OSHA state in the Department of Labor Code of Federal Regulations, Section 1910 (1) that: "The employer shall ensure that each power industrial truck operator is competent to operate a powered industrial truck safely, as demonstrated by the successful completion of training and evaluation." Operators must be re-evaluated every 3 years.

15BTR-9_1.jpgFactory Trained Instructors for Any Make and Model
Thompson Lift Truck can customize a plan for your company's specific needs. Whether your workforce is made up of all new employees, all veteran operators or a combination of both, our program can be tailored to fit your needs. Training consists of classroom and practical exercises that can be customized to fit your application.

004-70D-Stock-Image.jpgWe'll Train Your Trainers
Whatever your preference. We Can do it. We recognize that there are some companies who prefer to have their own staff instructors. Therefore, all materials which make up the training program are available for purchase. If you would like assistance, "Train the Trainer" sessions, conducted by factory trained instructions, can be arranged for you.

25L-9A_2.jpgProgram Structure
The training program is based around a classroom setting which focuses on seven specific areas or "modules" of forklift training:
Forklift fundamentals; Safe load-handling techniques; Principales of Stability; balance and capacity; Refueling IC trucks; Pre-operation inspection; Charging batteries for electric trucks; and Safety guidelines for operating forklifts.

For additional information, please call 404-361-8370. For all locations, we welcome your email inquiries at lifttraining@thompsontractor.com.

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