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Thompson Lift Truck Georgia Product Support

As a supporter of the industry since 1968, Thompson Lift Truck provides product assistance and solutions to forklift operators all over Georgia. Our selection of OEM parts and trained technicians keep your forklifts in stellar shape, regardless of brand or model. We have multiple forklift service locations in Georgia, where you can visit us any time if an issue arises. We offer replacement parts, preventive maintenance, repairs, and training so you can foster productivity and industry compliance.


Why buy a full replacement or upgrade a machine before you need to? When normal wear and tear start to take their toll on your heavy equipment, there are times when it makes more sense from an economical standpoint to replace the parts than the entire machine.

At Thompson Lift Truck Company, we have the selection of parts you need to keep all your equipment in working order. We carry OEM parts designed to fit the needs of your forklift, regardless of your specifications or job demands. If an emergency pops up and you’re looking for a replacement part right away, we’ll deliver it so you can get back to work as quickly as possible. Most of the time, our deliveries arrive within 24 hours!


We know how essential a reliable forklift is to maintaining your company's productivity and the safety of your workers. Keeping your machinery up and running requires a thoughtful maintenance strategy and a commitment to compliance. At Thompson Lift Truck, we have the skill and expertise to handle any challenge, whether you have an emergency or are looking to update your routine procedures. 

Our service options range from preventive planned maintenance to forklift repairs. These services allow you to address existing issues and prevent new ones at the same time. If you’re looking to save both time and money on maintenance and repairs, we can provide ongoing support. Our technicians are available at our lift truck service center and on your job site to service your forklifts.

Operator Safety Training

Maintaining a safe job site is about more than protecting your equipment. It’s also about making sure your crew has the training and experience they need to handle it. To operate a forklift efficiently and safely, workers need instruction from a professional who understands the controls, the risks, and the best practices. With the help of our forklift service in Georgia, you can provide new operators with the forklift training they need and lower the risk of costly mistakes.

We design our training methods so they comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. We offer Big Joe forklift training as well as sessions for all types of forklifts. We can also use our skills and resources to set up a training program with instructors of your own. Our powered lift truck training helps you save time in the field and inspires more confidence in your workers so they can deliver their best performance each day.

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If you need parts, planned maintenance or more training for your operators, Thompson Lift Truck offers product support you can trust. We’ll work with you from our service center or right at your workplace to address any questions or issues you may have, so contact us or visit one of our stores to learn more.

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