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Big Joe

New Big Joe Forklifts for Sale in Georgia

Need a low-cost, high-quality warehouse forklift solution in Georgia? Thompson Lift Truck offers various options from one of the best brands in the business — Big Joe.

Big Joe products are unique because they work in tight spaces at purchase and maintenance costs lower than traditional ride-on forklifts. With 70 years in business, Big Joe's selection of material handling solutions ranging from jacks to stackers has built trust within the industrial community. With that reputation, Thompson Lift Truck is proud to offer these material handling solutions to businesses in Georgia. 

Learn more about how you can select the ideal Big Joe warehouse forklift or lift truck based on your workspace and specifications. 

Pallet Jacks and Trucks

There is an important distinction between jacks and trucks. Operators must push and pull a pallet jack by hand, while pallet trucks have rechargeable batteries. There is also the option for a semi-electric jack with power for forward and reverse motion and a manual pump system that lifts the jack up and down. 

Pallet trucks come in various configurations, including ride-on models and those you walk behind as you work.

Jack Specs

Thompson Lift Truck offers a variety of Big Joe pallet jacks with different specifications:

  • Lift: Big Joe jacks have a 7.5-inch maximum lift across models.
  • Capacity: These jacks can haul from 2,500 to 3,000 pounds. 
  • Load: The various jack models share a 24-inch load center.

Truck Specs

Big Joe's pallet trucks can tackle many different types of jobs with varying specifications:

  • Lift: Big Joe trucks have a range of lift heights from a minimum of 7.5 inches to an 8.25-inch maximum.
  • Capacity: Our lift truck options can haul from 4,000 to 6,000 lbs.
  • Load: The truck models we offer share a 24-inch load center.


Thompson Lift Truck offers a three-wheel ride-on forklift and more than 10 walkie stackers.

The walkie forklift saves time when the operator needs to move away from the machine throughout the day, while the seated version allows for rest when the operator must stay with the forklift.

There are several kinds of stackers relevant to different kinds of work. The wide legs on the straddle stacker allow the operator to move close to the pallet in a confined area, while the counterbalanced stacker uses a counterweight to distribute loads in tight spaces. The pantographic scissor featured on the walkie reach stacker allows the operator to move loads forward for loading vehicles.

Ride-on Forklift Stacker Specs

The Big Joe V Series comprises ride-on forklifts available in several different models that can handle various jobs:

  • Lift: The models range in lift from a 157-inch minimum to 189-inch maximum lift height.
  • Capacity: These forklifts can haul from 1,500 to 4,000 pounds.
  • Load: Our new Big Joe forklift selections have a common 24-inch load center.

Walkie Stacker Specs

The capabilities of Big Joe walkie stacker models are as follows:

  • Lift: These stackers have different masts available to reach from a minimum of 60 inches to a 194-inch maximum.
  • Capacity: The various models allow operators to move 2,200 to 4,000 pounds.
  • Load: Big Joe walkies have a 24-inch load center.

Find Big Joe Lift Trucks for Sale in Georgia

As one of the top national forklift dealers, Thompson Lift Truck can help you find the perfect new Big Joe lift truck for your Georgia business.

Ready to learn more or make a purchase? Connect with us now so one of our friendly experts can guide you to the right machine for your job.