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New Forklifts for Sale in Georgia and Tennessee

Forklifts are a vital machine option for warehouses, construction sites, and other material handling applications. To gain the most productivity from your machine, you need a forklift that is reliable, durable, and efficient all day long.

If you need a new forklift in Georgia or Tennessee, browse the selection at Thompson Lift Truck. We carry some of the best forklift options on the market, including those from renowned brands like Hyundai, Combilift, and Big Joe. With one of the largest inventories in the region, we're sure to have what you need to improve your operations.

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Our Forklifts for Sale in Georgia and Tenneessee

At Thompson Lift Truck, we carry a variety of forklift options to meet the needs of every warehouse. Our selection includes:

  • Rough terrain forklifts: Some job sites have uneven terrain, making material handling a challenge. The rough terrain forklift is built to navigate in these areas and lift heavy loads with ease.
  • Diesel forklifts: Diesel forklifts offer lower fuel expenses and greater torque at a low RPM, making them a beneficial forklift option for those who want a powerful machine with economical operating costs.
  • Truck mount forklifts: Truck mount forklifts improve efficiency in your warehouse, as they are immediately available to load and unload cargo from trucks and deliver the pallets to their new location.
  • Electric forklifts: From no emissions to longer component life, electric forklifts are a cost-effective choice for warehouses that need an efficient indoor material handling vehicle.
  • LP gas: LP gas forklifts are a reliable, low-investment choice that provides consistent performance across a variety of applications.

Explore our many forklift choices to find a model that will provide the performance you need at your work site. The professionals at Thompson Lift Truck are available to provide guidance to help you find your ideal material handling machine.

Forklift Uses and Applications

Forklifts are a versatile material handling machine that can be used in numerous ways. The most common forklift use is transporting items. Their incredible lifting capacity makes them essential in warehouses, recycling centers, construction sites, and other places that involve heavy, bulky pallet loads.

Another advantage of forklifts is that they are easy to maneuver, making them ideal in locations that have low overhead or tight work areas. In addition, the many fuel options available means that there are forklift models suitable for both indoor and outdoor worksites with material handling needs.

Whatever reason your job site needs a forklift, Thompson Lift Truck is sure to have an option that will meet your requirements.

Buy a Forklift in Georgia and Tennessee From Thompson Lift Truck

Thompson Lift Truck is your go-to retailer for new forklifts for sale in Georgia and Tennessee. We have quality machines at cost-effective prices. When you purchase your forklift from us, you can also take advantage of our comprehensive product support including parts, services, and operator safety training.

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