Electric Forklifts


New Electric Forklifts 

The Benefits of Electric Forklifts

What makes electric forklifts so popular at warehouses and similar operations? It starts with cost savings. These forklifts are significantly cheaper to operate and maintain than forklifts powered by other forms of energy. In addition, they're quieter to operate and more environmentally friendly than other forklift models. Of course, electric forklifts aren’t the perfect option for all warehouses — but they're a good fit for most businesses that rely on forklifts and similar equipment on a day-to-day basis.

What Type of Electric Forklift Do You Need?

At Thompson Lift Truck, we offer a wide variety of electric forklifts for sale. Through our long history of working with different types of customer, we’ve learned that no two operations have the same exact needs when it comes to buying or renting forklifts and similar equipment. By offering a wide range of options, we increase the chances that any given customer can find the right solution for their equipment needs.

Find Quality in Our Inventory

We strive to offer quality at all times. That means making available a selection of electric forklifts for sale and rent that are made by leading manufacturers — trusted brand names with long track records of delivering quality products. When you choose to buy or rent electric forklifts from Thompson Lift Truck, you can rest assured that you’re getting equipment that will deliver long-term durability, reliability and value.

Stop by and Visit Us

You can find 16 Thompson Lift Truck locations across Alabama and Northwest Florida. Our regional network of locations makes it possible for you to quickly find the equipment you need to buy or rent, and it also means that we can deliver replacement parts and products in 24 hours or less. You’re always welcome to get in touch with us online, but you can also find a Thompson Lift Truck location in your area if you live and work in Alabama or Northwest Florida.

Providing High-Quality Equipment Since 1968

Since 1968, Thompson Lift Truck has been serving Alabama and Northwest Florida with the best in electric forklifts for sale and rent, as well as other equipment and parts that help warehouses and similar operations do their best work. We’ve always evolved and updated our selection of equipment to include the newest technologies and innovations, and today you can count on finding the best of the best in modern forklifts and other equipment in our selection.

Find Your Perfect Equipment

Are you ready to find the perfect option from among electric forklifts for sale or rent? If so, we’re ready to help. As noted above, you can stop by any of our 16 locations in Alabama and Northwest Florida, or you can contact us to learn more about our products and selection.