Diesel Forklifts


New Diesel Forklifts 

The Advantages of Diesel Forklifts

We offer only forklifts made by the best brands in the industry, which means that our customers can count on quality with each purchase. When you browse the new forklifts in our inventory, you’ll find that diesel models provide the following advantages.

  • Inexpensive fuel: Diesel fuel is typically inexpensive, which means lower operating costs than other forklifts. This is especially true when comparing diesel forklifts to those powered by propane.
  • More torque: Diesel forklifts are known to drive greater torque at low RPMs, especially when compared to electric forklift options.
  • Better visibility: In most warehouses, the ability to see your surroundings and navigate a forklift in tight spaces is incredibly important. Diesel forklifts typically offer greater rear-facing visibility than other types.
  • Easy maintenance: One of the best parts about owning a diesel forklift is that it requires little maintenance. Yes, you’ll have several maintenance tasks to schedule out, but you’ll have far fewer than with other types of forklifts.
  • Cleaner emissions: Diesel burns cleaner than some other fuel types, which means you reduce your emissions when operating one.
  • Low cost of ownership: There’s an overall low cost of ownership with diesel forklifts. Any warehouse operation is focused on reducing expenses, and buying diesel forklifts can help keep costs low.
  • Long life expectancy: Diesel engines are known for their durability and long life expectancy. Choose diesel forklifts for your warehouse, and you’ll enjoy long-term value.

Buy Your Next Diesel Forklift From Thompson Lift Truck

MFT-FG40N-Tooltip-small.pngSince 1968, Thompson Lift Truck has proudly served customers in Alabama and Northwest Florida with the best in forklift products and services. Today, we operate a network of 16 locations across the region, which helps us provide high-quality and responsive service to our customers.

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