Lift Truck Superstore

Lift Truck Superstore in Al & FL

Thompson Lift Truck will do what it takes to keep your business


One way we do this is through our world-class parts and service for all makes and models of fork lifts. Whenever you need a repair, we look at the key factors driving it. With Thompson Lift Truck, you know all the options and you make the call. No temporary fixes. No surprises. Because your fork lift and your business can’t afford to stop moving.

Maybe it’s a simple fix you can do yourself with the right parts. Maybe it’s a complicated job requiring the expertise and training of a Thompson Lift Truck technician. Every situation is different. But with the right information, the option is clear – parts and service from Thompson Lift Truck, your Lift Truck Superstore.

For further peace of mind, we stand behind our equipment so you can stand behind your work. Our unmatched knowledge, support and parts warranty help you succeed.

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