Rough Terrain Forklifts

Used Rough Terrain Forklifts in Alabama


Construction companies and industrial handling businesses don't always have the opportunity to complete heavy lifting operations on flat warehouse flooring. In some cases, businesses require flexible equipment that can travel across uneven surfaces outdoors. Fortunately, used rough terrain forklifts at Thompson Lift Truck allow teams to carry pallets and other items on irregular ground types.

Industrial professionals can keep their projects moving on schedule with our used rough terrain forklifts from Master Craft. Our rough terrain forklift vehicles enable you to move materials such as lumber, bricks, steel pillars, concrete and more with loading capacities up to 10,000 pounds.

Used Rough Terrain Forklifts for Sale

What is a rough terrain forklift? Used rough terrain forklift vehicles from Thompson Lift Truck are rugged pieces of equipment featuring internal combustion engines and inflatable tires. These forklifts are able to push past the boundaries of a standard forklift by being able to drive over rocks, sand, grass and more.

Used rough terrain forklifts offer 4-wheel and 2-wheel drive for off-road stability. Harsh environments are no longer a limitation to your worksite, since used rough terrain forklifts stay balanced with loads weighing several tons. From dropping off building materials to trucking up hills and slopes, the sky is the limit with used rough terrain equipment.

Benefits of Rough Terrain Forklifts

Material handling industries across Alabama and northwest Florida are in good hands when they work with Thompson Lift Truck for all-terrain forklifts. We inspect our vehicles to ensure they provide your company with the following benefits for years to come:

  • Off-road capabilities: Turbo-charged engines and thick-tread tires outperform conventional forklifts. Thompson Lift Truck provides powerhouse rough terrain forklifts for forestry, construction, agricultural industries and more.
  • Improved traction: Used rough terrain forklifts roll over soft, slippery, muddy and uneven terrain. Equipment remains stable without overworking the engine or getting stuck.
  • Impressive power output: The transmissions in our used rough terrain forklifts distribute power effectively to the front and rear wheels. Select between 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive models based on your needs. Customers can also discover used forklifts combining the two systems in one.
  • Ground clearance: Used forklifts maneuver confidently across surfaces without their undercarriage components making contact with the ground.

Rough terrain forklifts from Thompson Lift Truck are gas-powered for increased acceleration and speed. Our used equipment is suitable for longer shifts — simply monitor your fuel for consistent output power results.

Contact Thompson Lift Truck for Used Rough Terrain Forklifts

If you are in the material handling industry and live in Alabama or northwest Florida, Thompson Lift Truck has the perfect forklift solution for your business. As a national leading forklift dealer, we provide equipment, parts and services from world-class companies. By implementing used rough terrain forklifts, you can trust that your equipment will lift and transport almost anything you need outdoors.

Whether you're looking to purchase or rent a forklift, the experts at Thompson Lift Truck are willing to walk you through every step of the process. Contact us today for more information about our selection of new and used forklifts for commercial use.