Truck Mount Forklifts

Used Truck Mount Forklifts for Sale


Those in the material handling industry have no idea what they're missing without a truck mount forklift. Imagine being able to transport cargo via truck and having a reliable forklift with you for deliveries and placement. Truck mount forklifts are incredible tools for drivers looking to increase the efficiency of shipments.

Thompson Lift Truck wants to help your business operations with our selection of used truck mount forklifts. Together, we are able to improve delivery performance without taking up space in your vehicle's enclosure.

Buy Used Truck Mount Forklift in Alabama/Florida

What is a truck mount forklift? A used truck mount forklift from Thompson Lift Truck attaches to the rear of a truck or trailer for convenience at delivery sites, warehouses and more. These tools allow a driver to load and unload cargo without having to rely on others for assistance.

Our used truck mount forklifts avoid taking up cargo space, as they are mounted to the outside of your truck. The vehicles dismount quickly and are lightweight for maneuvering across delivery sites. Used truck mount forklifts at Thompson Lift Truck are from world-class manufacturers such as Navigator, and are intended for lifting loads of 4,000 pounds or more.

Benefits of Used Truck Mount Forklifts

Used truck mount forklifts are excellent additions to warehouse fleet vehicles. Saving space inside a truck enclosure is no longer a concern, since drivers can load and unload vehicles with the same forklift. Our used truck mount forklifts provide the following benefits to operators:

  • Reliability: Do your customers have the means to unload your deliveries safely? Your team now has the power to bring your own forklift for placing materials where they need to go. Truck mount forklifts are ideal for locations without loading docks.
  • Additional sales value: Your business can improve its services thanks to the ability to unload materials to warehouses, construction sites and more. Your customers will appreciate workers going the extra step for deliveries.
  • Faster deliveries: Avoid physical labor during deliveries with a used truck mount forklift. Can be dismounted within just minutes for transportation.
  • Improve safety: Drivers are familiar with the abilities of a forklift when they bring one with them. Unloading and transporting materials is safer when workers understand the limits of a particular model.
  • Full visibility: Used truck mount forklifts are compact in size compared to conventional designs. Drivers can navigate through facilities with full visibility from the operator's seat.

Contact Thompson Lift Truck for Used Truck Mount Forklifts

Material handling operations are unique to every business, so we cater our used forklifts to customer requirements. At Thompson Lift Truck, we stock a wide variety of used truck mount forklifts to meet your budget, needs and expectations. Our staff is knowledgeable about the differences between each forklift design, so we are happy to steer you in the right direction for your business.

For more information about our used truck mount forklifts, be sure to contact Thompson Lift Truck today.