Miscellaneous Forklifts

Used Miscellaneous Forklifts


When dealing with high-capacity material handling, nothing is more important than safety and efficiency. Projects on construction sites can revolve around the transportation of supplies weighing several tons altogether. For this reason, Thompson Lift Truck carries used miscellaneous forklifts for operations in and out of the warehouse.

We stock used miscellaneous forklifts from world-class manufacturers including Kalmar, Combilift and Big Joe. This keeps your construction and warehouse processes up and running through the use of optimum equipment.

Used Miscellaneous Forklifts for Sale in Alabama and Florida

High-capacity forklifts are necessary when teams are expected to transport loads weighing upwards of 100,000 pounds. Our traditional forklift designs are effective for moderate loads, but our selection of used miscellaneous designs takes material handling to the next level. At Thompson Lift Truck, you will find a wide selection of used top-brand models for the toughest of jobs:

Kalmar Miscellaneous Forklifts

Used Kalmar forklifts at Thompson Lift Truck offer flexibility for larger projects. This manufacturer builds reliable vehicles for special use with steel, concrete and shipping industries. Kalmar forklifts benefit companies that move shipping containers, wooden structures, building materials and more.

Combilift Miscellaneous Forklifts

Used miscellaneous forklifts at Thompson Lift Truck include compact designs from Combilift. Our available Combilift devices are the perfect solutions for high-capacity loads that are long and bulky.

Your team is able to increase storage capacity both indoors and outdoors, as attachments are suitable for large piping, support beams, metal sheets and construction materials. Used Combilift forklifts increase efficiency through multi-directional motions. Seamlessly navigate through aisles, storage and other obstacles without damaging loads.

Big Joe Miscellaneous Forklifts

Our used inventory of Big Joe forklifts caters to order pickers in a warehouse setting. These vehicles work as elevating platforms for workers to reach overhead objects. Instead of using ladders and other climbing equipment, Big Joe forklifts are a safe and affordable route for warehouse navigation.

Workers process and organize orders faster with the help of support vehicles.

Buy Used Miscellaneous Forklifts

How do you know if you need high-capacity forklifts? Managers should monitor whether current vehicles are suitable for safe material handling. In other words, forklifts have weight limits for a reason, and it's crucial to provide workers with vehicles that complete projects correctly and safely.

High-capacity forklifts from Thompson Lift Truck give you the mobility of traditional forklifts with the ability to carry much larger payloads. You may require these vehicles in the following scenarios:

  • Loading areas are slowing down business operations and outputs.
  • Inventory is increasing while warehouse space continues to shrink.
  • Current equipment cannot match customer demands.

Used miscellaneous forklifts from Thompson Lift Truck help your business transport materials in bulk, organize facilities and speed up system processes. Designs from Kalmar, Combilift and Big Joe help you achieve maximum productivity for the heaviest operations.

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