LP Gas Forklifts

Used LP Gas Forklifts in Alabama


If you are in the material handling industry and live in Alabama or northwest Florida, it's time to consider upgrading your workplace equipment. Warehousing and industrial businesses need to lift large loads regularly, and nothing serves your team better than a used LP gas forklift from Thompson Lift Truck. We supply heavy-duty forklift equipment from leading brands like Cat®, Crown and Mitsubishi.

Instead of running on rechargeable batteries or external power sources, used LP gas forklifts from Thompson Lift Truck grant your team power and performance for indoor and outdoor applications. Implementing LP gas forklifts at your facility is an effective way to get the advancements you're looking for without the main drawbacks of going electric or diesel.

Used Gas Forklifts for Sale

Why purchase used LP gas forklifts from Thompson Lift Truck? Gas-powered forklifts are known for their ability to lift upwards of 15,000 pounds for hours at a time. With rental and purchase options, upfront investment costs are minimal, since gasoline tanks are affordable and allow for quick refueling.

While electric options can call for overnight charging, gas cylinders may be swapped out in just minutes. LP gas forklifts are optimal for remote locations where the shift length varies day-to-day. These vehicles never "drain" out of power, so operations remain efficient when forklifts are expected to run at higher speeds.

A LP gas-powered forklift vehicle is practical in just about any material handling task, including:

  • Warehouse racking
  • Loading vehicles for delivery
  • Transporting products to different sites
  • Moving pallets to production lines

Any material handling industry can utilize a used LP gas forklift from Thompson Lift Truck, but these vehicles are especially geared toward facilities where lifting occurs every day. LP gas forklifts equip teams with the means to carry full-capacity loads over long distances.

Benefits of LP Gas Forklifts

Used LP gas forklifts from Thompson Lift Truck are rugged and add a new level of structural integrity to your material handling processes. Used LP gas forklifts are some of the most popular vehicles in warehouse procedures and contribute the following benefits:

  • Affordable pricing: LP gas forklifts are generally less expensive than electric models. However, these vehicles require regular maintenance for functionality, which calls for further budgeting.
  • Versatility: LP gas forklift designs maintain consistent power for all-day jobs. These vehicles tackle inclines and ramps with torque and speed.
  • Cleaner emissions: LP gas-powered forklift options are on the safer side of environmental efforts. Managers should monitor indoor use, but this equipment emits less carbon dioxide than some diesel configurations.

A used LP gas forklift might be the solution your warehouse needs for an increase in productivity. LP gas forklifts will outperform electric and diesel models in terms of travel speeds, acceleration and lift times — but remember that fuel availability is an important consideration. If your business hopes to cut costs long-term, electric models could be a safer route for you.

LP gas forklifts are an industry standard for companies dealing with material handling, but you must be able to afford and store fuel tanks for as long as you run these vehicles.

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