Diesel Forklifts

Used Diesel Forklifts in Alabama


If you are in a material handling industry across Alabama or northwest Florida, nothing sets your business up for success like a used diesel forklift. Powerful forklifts from Thompson Lift Truck include names from top manufacturers, including Cat® and Mitsubishi, for constant reliability when you need it the most. Your warehouse can experience a wide range of carrying capacities with a diesel combustion engine forklift design.

The team at Thompson Lift Truck encourages our customers to shop our inventory of used diesel forklifts for your operations.

Buy Used Diesel Forklifts

Why purchase a used diesel forklift from Thompson Lift Truck? Because we supply only the best names in the industry for the benefit of our customers. Diesel forklifts are considered superior to other models for smooth acceleration and overall lifting strength.

Depending on your need, some of our Pneumatic Diesel Forklifts are capable of lifting upwards of 22,000 to 36,000 pounds for warehouse operations large and small. If you are unsure which used diesel forklift to choose, our experts are always happy to guide you in the right direction. Just provide us with more information about your facility and expectations, and we can match you to a diesel model in no time.

Benefits of Used Diesel Forklifts

A used diesel forklift from Thompson Lift Truck is a great investment for transporting products and materials across ramps and other gradients. You will find that our used diesel forklifts offer speed, torque at lower RPMs and optimum visibility for activities across your business. Those interested in buying a used diesel forklift from Thompson Lift Truck can expect the following benefits:

  • Cleaner emissions: Diesel fuel burns cleaner than other fuels. This reduces concerns surrounding carbon dioxide in the workplace.
  • Cost-efficient: The cost to fill a diesel tank for power is often lower than propane and other fuels. Over time, this promotes exceptional cost savings for your operations.
  • Long lifespan: Diesel engines are durable and add long-term value to your warehouse facility.
  • Loading capacities: Diesel forklifts serve industrial applications with the ability to handle well over 15,000 pounds.
  • Convenience: Workers can park used diesel forklifts indoors or outdoors, as machines are suitable for wet/damp conditions.
  • Less maintenance: A diesel forklift calls for fewer routine repairs and maintenance compared to other fuel-based models.

Adding used diesel forklifts to your business is a proactive way to boost productivity while monitoring your expenses. All of our used diesel forklifts are tested to ensure these machines serve your team well for years to come.

Contact Thompson Lift Truck for Used Diesel Forklifts

Caterpillar® and Mitsubishi diesel forklifts can guide your company to sustained growth. Working with Thompson Lift Truck is the best way to find new and used forklift equipment at a great value. We understand that businesses in Alabama and northwest Florida require the proper tools for material handling, so we establish relationships with our customers for your long-term success.

Thompson Lift Truck provides a premier forklift product line for warehouses, freight workers and order pickers. Contact us today for more information about our used diesel forklifts and product inventory.