Truck Mount Forklifts

Truck Mount Forklifts

Truck Mount Forklifts for Sale in Alabama & Florida

Truck mount forklifts are invaluable tools for drivers who want to drop off loads quickly and efficiently. The forklifts help them to stay on schedule. Truck mount forklifts are mounted to trucks, as the name suggests, so that they're available for use at a moment’s notice without taking up much space on the truck itself.

Thompson Lift Truck: Your Source for a New Truck Mount Forklift in AL & FL

At Thompson Lift Truck, we offer a range of truck mount forklifts for sale and rent. If you need a truck mount forklift in Alabama or northwest Florida, you’ll find a wealth of options when you choose our selection.

We feature Navigator truck mount forklifts from Chrisman Manufacturing, Inc., an industry leader and innovator for more than 30 years. Our Navigator lineup can meet numerous material handling requirements. The available options include:

  • RT-4000: Known as one of the quickest, lightest, and most maneuverable truck mount forklifts in its class, the RT-4000 offers a robust lift capacity of 4,000 pounds. Key features include a powerful rubber-mounted Kubota engine, an enhanced hydraulic control assembly for smoother, more efficient performance, and wider footsteps.
  • RT-5000: If your applications require more lifting power, consider the RT-5000, which can handle up to 5,000 pounds with ease. The superior traction and uniquely designed rear-wheel steering provide additional stability and maneuverability, and the substantial ground clearance meets the needs of the most demanding users.
  • RT-6500: If your material handling tasks require lifting extremely heavy loads, the RT-6500 can accommodate up to 6,500 pounds. With an impressive lift height of 12 feet, this truck mount forklift can reach higher places at your facility or job site.

When Should You Consider a Truck Mount Forklift?

A truck mount forklift is an excellent choice for material handling jobs at remote construction sites. It also provides a convenient solution if you must load or unload freight at a facility that lacks a traditional loading dock. What's more, the truck mount forklift's compact design enables it to maneuver in confined spaces with ease.

Why Buy or Rent a New Truck Mount Forklift From Thompson Lift Truck?

Thompson Tractor is a reputable equipment supplier that's been serving the region for more than 60 years. Our Thompson Lift Truck division has been in business since 1968. With multiple locations across Alabama and the Florida Panhandle, you'll have access to a local dealer that understands your material handling requirements.

In addition to truck mount forklifts, we can also provide everything you need to keep your forklift fleet productive. We carry a full selection of replacement parts for Navigator truck mount forklifts, and we can typically fill orders within 24 hours. We can also accommodate all your equipment's maintenance and repair requirements.

Learn More About New Truck Mount Forklifts for Sale in Alabama and Florida

Visit a Thompson Lift Truck store near you today for a closer look at our new truck mount forklift lineup or fill out our online contact form to request additional information. You can also learn more about powerful Truck Mount Forklifts here.