4 for Free Months
Get 4 Payment Free Months

Get 4 Payment-Free Months

Whether you are working to get through this troubled time or you are rebuilding after the fact, material handling equipment is a big investment decision. Let us help carry some of the load. Right now, when you purchase a Mitsubishi or Cat® lift truck, receive 4 months of paymentfree material handling usage. How will you invest in the future with the cash flow from those 4 payment-free months?

Mitsubishi & Cat® Lift Trucks Four For Free Promotion
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any special terms and conditions that I should know about?
No – simply put, the first four months of your  lease are completely free. Mitsubishi & Cat® Lift Trucks is completely covering the cost.

2. What models are eligible?
All sit-down, counterbalance IC Mitsubishi & Cat lift trucks from 3,000 lb. to 7,000 lb. in capacity are eligible for this program.

3. How does a customer qualify for this promotion?
All Mitsubishi & CAT lift trucks customers qualify for this promotion.

4. Do both FMV and $1 Option Leases qualify?
Yes – the four free payments apply to both kinds of leases above.

5. Can I use Subsidized Interest Rates?
Yes, you can still use the subsidized rates from MCFA with this promotion. The rate is subject to change based on the customer rates at the time of credit approval.

6. How do I calculate the payment?
2EPC5000.jpgUse the prevailing subsidized lease rate and standard program residuals to calculate the payment the exact same way you would a normal FMV or $1 option lease. The customer then gets an additional 4 months free at the beginning of the lease. For example, for a 36-month FMV quote, use the 36-month subsidized rate and the standard program residuals calculate the 36-month payment. If the 36-month payment is $399, the customer will not make a payment for the first 4 months of the lease, followed by 36 payments of $399. The lease term is actually 40 months with no payments for the first 4 months. 

7. What terms are available?
Terms of 36 through 60 months are available. 

8. Can I use this promotion with an extended-term lease?
No, the Four for Free promotion can only be used for standard term leases such as 36, 48, and 60 months. 

9. When does this program expire?
Customer must be credit approved and the order must be placed by August 31, 2020.

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